Choosing The Best Cryptocurrency For Huge Future Growth Is Now!

It is no surprise that the vast majority of businesses in the world are starting to realize just how important and innovative the blockchain is that powers cryptocurrencies. The very best cryptocurreny like BitCoin is the pioneer in digital currencies, but by no means the only one out there. I have seen many cryptos hit the seen the past few years to try and compete with BitCoin, which is great for the market, but there are only a few major cryptos that have a chance to compete. Since the launch of BitCoin in 2009 the world looked at the concept blindly and bet on it not lasting, but these pundits have been wrong at every turn because the world is ready for a real alternative to criminal banks and their crazy fees. The key is the blockchain that requires little to know fees and is far superior in regards to safety and efficiency. Finding the best virtual currency for your portfolio is not just smart is down right essential.

From the rapidly growing list of cryptocurrencies that are hitting the market, and some companies and countries like China are looking into digital currency to solve a problem and deliver a never seen before solution. As I sift through the landscape of cryptos that want to compete with BitCoin, the one that stands all alone is OneCoin. This cryptocurrency which also uses audited blockchains to mine their coins has a motto one coin, one world and the big network of members love it. OneCoin has used the KYC approach to satisfy the need for banks and all financial groups to know who they are dealing with unlike Bitcoin which is totally anonymous. The "Know Your Customer" approach is essential to any digital currency that wants to have a global footprint with their digital currency and OneCoin nails it. I can tell you that now that although BitCoin is the pioneer in cryptocurrency, the best digital currency for the future is clearly OneCoin with its vision of everyone using the cryptocurrency world wide, and with their new OneCard Mastercard it is clear one will be the best of the best.

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